About Riviera Outsourcing

Riviera Outsourcing provides outsourcing services for Hardware and Software projects (R&D, Engineering, IT Development) with technical partners located internationally, providing cost control, technology consulting and high quality projects.

Your IT partner

With its know-how in understanding and analyzing your needs as well as the capability to find any technical skills, Riviera Outsourcing follows you in all your IT projects.

Riviera Outsourcing is involved from concept to industrialization: Research and development, Hardware Development, Robotic, IoT, Prototyping, PoC, MVP, Web Development, Mobile, E-Commerce, Software Development, Testing, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Virtual & Augmented Reality,…

More than 12 000 IT experts

We provide more than 12,000 IT experts (developers/engineers) through a strong network of international partners. Our hardware and software development partners have between 100 and 2000 employees. Some of our technical partners are also approved as a service provider for R&D Tax Credit and also having ISO 9001 & 27001 certification.

Cost-controlled projects

Our engineers and developers are spread over 30 countries (Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Spain, Portugal, Armenia,  Kazakhstan, Georgia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, Madagascar…), which allows to benefit from competitive rates. They all speak perfect English, somes also speak other languages (Project Manager).

than 12000

developers & engineers

100 to 2000

employees in our partner companies

+ than 27 countries

Personalized collaboration

Missions are carried out either remotely or working on site.

Choose the  method of collaboration for your project :

  • Package (fixed price) ;
  • Time and Material (extension of your team for short term projects – we charge per day) ;
  • Dedicated team (extension of your team for long term projets – full time IT team outsourced – we charge per month).

We also work on sourcing (recruitment) missions of English-speaking candidates.

Sustainable development

Concerned about the socio-economic and environmental impacts of our territory, we have a sustainability approach, offering organizations to use the expertise of international companies on specific technologies, and by focusing on remote project management.