Jean-Christophe Recu

Jean-Christophe Recu


Why Riviera Outsourcing?

A word from our President

Following my successive experiences in digital agency for more than 10 years with French companies and international groups, I have decided to create Riviera Outsourcing.

During several business trips and in my previous roles, I have noticed that in Central and Eastern Europe companies use outsourcing for IT, engineering and research and development projects. They work with remote developers and engineers (Nearshore Outsourcing).

It is simple, flexible, efficient and economical.

Although western Europe companies often work with Outstaffing agencies and freelancers, the culture of working on site is still very strong. But this is changing. In our globalized and interconnected world, exchanges are largely online and video conferencing is progressing rapidly.

I founded Riviera Outsourcing to bring solutions to business leaders, and technical and IT departments. We offer them, through our network of solid partners (companies with 100 to 2000 employees), remote developers and engineers with attractive daily rates.

In terms of positioning, we believe that there is no incompatibility between a CSR approach favouring local providers, and occasional use of the expertise of international companies on complex technologies and time-consuming tasks.

Finally, we have the ambition through our international network and our partners to be the first nearshore outsourcing agency in Europe. We aim to support startups, small and medium companies, as well as large major groups.

We would love to put our expertise and experience to the benefit of your organization for the management of your research and development, engineering and it projects through our international network of experts.”

Jean-Christophe RECU